The Milhaus Difference

The Milhaus Difference

We do our homework. No really. We do.

Before we start any project, we consciously think about the lifestyle, preferences, and experiences that our residents want. We do our research to better understand how people want to live in urban environments. So, after considering and evaluating how to build products that are both sustainable and respectful of our resources, we go to work. Our designs provide a diversity of housing types for our residents to live creatively and effectively. Of course anyone can say that.

Seeing the Deal Through

Milhaus works collaboratively to deliver projects on time, within budget, and according to leasing projections. As a construction group, developer, and owner/manager we touch all sides of a project and our teams meet regularly to report progress, discuss challenges, or concerns, and celebrate successes. Our management teams are personally involved in each asset and committed to achieving stellar operational performance.

Location in 2nd Tier Markets

Milhaus targets the best tier two cities with locations that are desirable to residents due to proximity to shopping, dining, and entertainment. We develop, construct, and own assets in urban locations that are hard to entitle, hard to replace, and earn higher yields due to less competition. We bring institutional management experience to 2nd tier markets.

Financial Diligence

Milhaus developments and managed communities realize attractive risk-adjusted returns. We utilize the expertise of our internal braintrust to develop and build top-notch communities that are financially sustainable--without cutting corners or sacrificing quality. We manage to optimize cash flow by reducing expenses, identifying ancillary revenue streams, and increasing resident satisfaction.

Quality of Design

Milhaus pursues high-quality projects, recognized for their unique and interesting design characteristics. We build cool places to live, and through our design process we consider what residents want as well as how they perceive value. Our management teams understand our core markets and resident preferences for each community. This is accomplished by working closely with development and construction to recommend features, amenities, and finishes.

Impact on Neighborhoods

Milhaus transforms neighborhoods by redeveloping existing structures, forming partnerships with local business and community leaders, and providing a spark that creates other opportunities for municipalities. We identify neighborhoods that are on the fringe of progress, in areas that need revitalization, and we work toward pulling people back to urban cores. As we become good civic partners, we help stabilize neighborhoods by supporting local businesses, civic, and non-profit charitable organizations.

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We move fast and creatively, act with integrity, and have fun while doing it.

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